Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Now come on all you naval types, solve a couple of puzzles for this landlubber.
1.      We found in the Bosun’s Store (identified on the blueprints) the caption “Certified boatswains storeis 66/60 tons’.   Ignoring the odd ‘storeis’, which might be something else because that area is rather corroded, the ‘66/60 tons’ is puzzling. It cannot refer to weight surely? That is a lot of stores!  The maritime translation is, I gather, one ton equals 100 cu ft. But this would mean the Bosun had some 6,600 cu ft of space down there at the stern, which is half the total space!  From the blueprints the floor area is about 20 sq ft and the height is about 7.5 ft – some 150 cu ft. This is outlined in the photo. So, what is the answer?

2.      Printed on the floor/deck on the lower deck is the legend “BEAM END 11  (if I read it correctly). This is in the middle area of the ship, (Photo)  but I thought ‘beam end’ referred to the outside shell of the ship – hence the term ‘on your beam end’.  Any ideas?

And to end with good news, the second picture window in the new kitchen is now installed. (Photo)  It does need painting. This definitely improves the temperature in there. The plastering and finishing can soon commence – probably in the New Year – and those 250 tiles can go down.