Tuesday, 18 February 2014


It’s time for the last big job in the kitchen – the floor. Not a straight forward job either – the previous owner did not make a terribly good job of the basic floor covering and there is the complication of a trap door next to the spiral staircase which has to open if any large objects are to be sent down or brought up. So instead of the usual tile-laying technique – start at a straight wall and work across – Simon has to start on the trap door and go both ways so that the trap door (when closed!) is as inconspicuous as possible (Photo). The trap door incidentally is the old bathroom door, which was not a good fit and needed to be replaced. Waste not, want not!

The other bit of the deck which needs attention is the spiral staircase hole. (Photo)  

This was rectangular and encompassed what is now the above-mentioned trapdoor. It has been reshaped to accommodate the staircase and the edges need some trim. The car enthusiast I mentioned in my post of 18 January, is being very helpful again and is producing strips of 0.9mm galvanised steel to cover the edges all the way round.

Meanwhile, outside, the large vessel that was moored at the end of the catwalk has been taken elsewhere and so Simon has an uninterrupted view over the bow of the Medway Estuary. (Photo)

 Hopefully the two vessels moored ‘temporarily’ alongside Simon, will now be moved and he will then also have a lovely view from his kitchen window as he does the dishes! Perhaps that double rainbow is a presage of better things to come?