Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Fate continues to deal Simon some low blows. His Cherokee broke down (again) and this time it is terminal. It is very difficult to find a replacement vehicle without any transport to get around; while earning enough to keep the wolf from the door; while repairing the door; etc etc. Still, he remains cheerful.  I am searching up here in N Wales, but of course that means getting any vehicle down to Kent if I succeed.

My trip to the Public Records Office in Belfast is now arranged. I am allowing two days to peruse their records of wireless traffic between the Harbour authorities and the Lady Dixon, plus the Masters’ log books of the ship from 1943 to 1956 – and anything else I can find!

Meanwhile the Devil finds work ……. I am on the track of a Diaphone fog-horn to replace the one missing from the ship. You will remember that it was shown on the 1943 blueprints I got from the National Archives (Photo).

Unfortunately it is proving difficult to get a decision from the owners. Only the ‘trumpet’ remains, but it would be a start. So meanwhile I have had a cunning plan.

Simon needs some sort of doorbell to alert him to visitors when he is working in the depths. So I have made use of a redundant speaker to provide a basis for a very appropriate alerting system.

First I gutted it, then made up a little circuit board (a kit of parts purchased from Germany) which required some delicate soldering. I also purchased a suitable little speaker, made a mounting board for it and installed a push-button to operate the device. (Photo).

The finished article looks very smart (Photo) and makes quite a good sound for a lightship - you can try it (mpv).