Friday, 11 July 2014


Fate deals some cruel blows to amateur researchers. As I reported earlier, the offices of the ship surveyors who examined the Cormorant in 1942 were bombed a short time later and bang went a lot of useful records (literally!).  Now I find that the Public Records Office in Dublin was destroyed during the Battle of Dublin in 1922.  I was hoping to find some information about her time with the Commissioners for Irish Lights (from 1878 to 1942).  I did find a book by Herbert Wood B.A. (Oxon) M.R.L.A. who catalogued what was in the building in 1919.  From the headings and department names I surmise that there was little if anything about lightships, but there were some weird and wonderful titles:-
Cursitors Office
Recognizance Office
Clerk of the Crown and Hanaper
Lunacy Office
Register of Appeals or Provocations Spiritual
Palatinate of Tipperary (honestly!)
Registers of Irregular Marriages
The Liberty of Saint Sepulchre

The Oxford Dictionary was of little help in deciphering most of these!
Nothing to do with lightships I know, but fascinating.