Monday, 22 September 2014


Simon is taking a well-earned break in Greece – or was it Turkey? Anyway, he will be back at the end of this week and we can give some serious thought to getting on with things. If Simon can take a break from work for a week, I can certainly get down there to help, but I must find a way to avoid the M25 ‼  Our Indian summer is all very well, but it cannot last much longer. Those stoves must be installed (professionally, it is not a DIY job) and the deck insulated. The new multi-fuel stove is of course going in the living room to replace the much-repaired wreck that was there, and the Italian looking cooker has now been allocated its place in the kitchen – not for cooking, just heating.

Below deck the Godin stove will sit on a bespoke coal bunker .......

...... tucked into a corner at the bottom of the spiral stairs (Photo). The corner will look much better in due course! But then that applies to the whole of the below deck area.   

The living room stove and the Godin will eventually be connected up to radiators, as they both have back-boilers. The kitchen cooker may well also have a water heating capability.

I meant to mention after our last trip down there, a piece of history which is going to be recycled. In the centre of the deckhouse, over the main stairway, was a 'skylight’ with four glazed ports. It has now been replaced by a modern double-glazed unit with integral venetian blind, but the ports will be built into some of the internal doors. Meanwhile, the old unit lies on the roof next to its replacement, waiting dismantling.