Tuesday, 23 December 2014


This site has some awkward, nay contrary features.  Sailpix IRL left a couple of comments about Chapter 65 (October) and I have only just received notification that the comments have been left. Not that it is doing me much good because I cannot work out how to respond. Clicking on the 'reply' button presents me with a new box for about 1.5 secs and then reverts to Sailpix's comments again. The Help pages are useless. Can anyone out there help?
Anyway Sailpix, Patrick, thanks for the compliment. In answer to your questions, paintings are not really accurate enough to identify individual ships (artists' license and all that).  I have seen the two Wilkinson paintings before, but the Mailboat photo is a new one on me. Thank you for it, but what a pity the Mailboat was making so much smoke and obscuring the lightship!