Friday, 9 January 2015


My mention of a possible book on the history of Cormorant produced a deafening silence, so have abandoned that idea! Maybe if I get snowed in this Winter I will produce one copy – for Simon.
   My trip to Dublin is rapidly approaching and David Ryan is being a great help over there. We have much to do in a short time!

   That will be looking at material from 1878 to 1943. Meanwhile I have found confirmation that the ship was indeed moored near Sittingbourne in the 1990s. Charles Reece owned her at that time; she was painted red (Photo 1); 

and was reported to be at Gas Road, Milton Creek. Looking on Google Earth, I easily found Milton Creek. Gas Road meanders around a bit, but I did see a sort of jetty in the right area. I then spotted Google’s historical facility, which offers aerial shots of locations taken from other sources. Obviously the coverage is limited to what’s on offer, both in area and time. In this case it was Kent County Council in 1990 and there was Lady Dixon (née Cormorant) lying alongside that very jetty (Photo 2). 

A small discovery perhaps, but a very satisfying one.