Friday, 26 June 2015


 Well I had a different version of this post all ready to be published, including the answer to my davits question, when Brenden O’Connell contacted me. He first sent me a map from 1877 showing the Victoria Dock area (Photo 1021 courtesy Trinity College Dublin). 

This map was published at the time when Cormorant was being built and shows a lot of detail –the positions of cranes, capstans etc. It also shows (the three maps that make up this picture are high resolution) that the ‘fuzzy’ edges of the docks – something I had seen on other maps – are in fact a series of lines. All became clear when Brenden sent me his second consignment of delights – two wonderful old photos of the Victoria dock in action (Photos 1022 and 1023). 

   These make it clear that the sides of the dock were stepped, which accounted for those multiple lines on the map. Photo 1023 is of an unknown vessel, but 1022 shows the paddle steamer "America", which was the last tender to attend RMS Titanic off Roche's Point at the mouth of Cork Harbour.  
   The PS America and its twin PS Ireland were a pair of tenders at Cobh (then Queenstown) bringing passengers and baggage to and from the liners at the mouth of the harbour. So thank you Brenden for those nuggets.

   Meanwhile, back at the ranch, one of Simon’s two ‘hangers on’ has finally been moved. Quite ugly and obviously unloved, this abandoned project is now moored in front of Simon, beyond the end of the catwalk (Photo 1024). 

The second is due to be moved today or tomorrow …. we shall see!