Friday, 24 July 2015


In an idle moment I used Photoshop to reinstate the gunwale/side strakes on the ship (and paint her sides) to see what she could look like if Simon won the Lottery (Photo 1061).   

She obviously looks a lot smarter than the photos in my last post, but also I think better proportioned. Well we can dream.
   Back to reality and unretouched photos.  The stern is as imposing as the bow (Photo 1062) 

And up on top there the bollards, having lost the mooring lines of the hangers-on, have been cleaned and painted to match the restored gunwale (Photo 1063).

   Perhaps I should not be calling it the gunwale. If the side strakes were in place (have I got that right?), surely the gunwale would sit on top of them – the bit you lean on when admiring the view?
   Grabbing the odd spare hour or two and tackling small jobs like this does keep up the momentum I suppose and they all have to be done sooner or later.  But below deck a far bigger challenge awaits and cannot be put off forever. (Photo 1064).

For a start the inner sides/walls (?) and ceiling/overhead (?) must be de-rusted and painted - about 2,400 sq ft at a rough guess, three weeks hard work for a three man labour force. For one man working very part time ………