Sunday, 18 October 2015


In between chiselling rust below deck, I poked my camera through a hole in the floor boards, sorry, deck, and took a photo of the nether regions (bilges?). It revealed a bulkhead on the right and two large tanks on the left, the nearest of which has a ‘tap’ (top left) with a shaft down to the bottom – presumably to make it accessible through a trap-door in the deck (Photo 1181). 

Next time I visit, I want to carry out a more careful survey (photo) of the bilges through all the holes I can find.
   Simon has found a Victorian firelighter to get his stove going quickly. Well it may not be Victorian, but it is certainly ancient and in keeping with the ship (Photo 1182). 

The stove now heats a radiator in the living room (Photo 1183), one on the spiral staircase (Photo 1184), one in the bathroom (Photo 1185) and one down below. That last one is temporary, just to get some warmth down there until he starts refurbishment in earnest.