Sunday, 15 November 2015


It’s now 6 weeks since my phone and broadband went out. I am sitting in my Morris Minor in my neighbour’s driveway sending this – with her permission of course!
I thought this week I would amplify what Simon has been finding down in the bilges.  First of all a diagram to show where he actually went (Photo 1221). I think I have got the scale of the figure about right – the headroom down there is about 3ft 6ins.

Next is a diagram to show where the camera was pointing for each of the three shots (Photo 1222). The fresh water tanks have been highlighted in both diagrams.

The first shot (Photo 1223) is of that bow area which I showed in the previous post, but closer to it. 

No damage or water ingress is apparent and Simon is still not sure what that multi-coloured material is on the sides. Any ideas?  He will have to be a little bolder with his scraping tool to get a good sample – not too bold of course with the Medway just outside!!
Then he turned around and took a shot of the two lines of fresh water tanks, which altogether hold 7 tons according to the plans (Photo 1224). 

 It would be interesting to know if they are empty or not.  I suppose that tapping the sides might give us the answer – not that I would want to drink from them!!
 The final shot is down the port side of the ship showing the tanks and the steep line of the hull as it sweeps down to the keel (Photo 1225).

It all looks pretty dry down there.  Note that the tanks are set on timber blocks, as can be seen on the plans in photo 1221.
Doesn’t it make you want to crawl along those ‘corridors’ and see what else can be found?  Next time I visit him ……….