Saturday, 5 December 2015


Just a brief report this week, following on from the bit on rails last time. Obviously the rope rail will not provide the leaning on and admiring the horizon type facility, but will help to stop people falling overboard. From both a safety and an aesthetic viewpoint there is a need for some sort of secondary rail between the deck and the rope rail. We did think of another rope rail, but it would have to be fixed inboard or outboard of the stanchions, which would look a bit odd. A taught wire going through the stanchions would be unobtrusive and would lend strength to the whole structure (Photo 1251).

We have found some galvanised shelf brackets which look man enough to support the new stanchions and will avoid having to cut, bend, drill and paint 105 flat steel strips! Fixing the rope to the top of each stanchion is not so easy. I found a pipe clamp in a plumbing shop (Photo 1252) but it looks a bit flimsy.  Any ideas anyone?