Sunday, 22 September 2013

Irish Lightship Cormorant / Lady Dixon Chapter 2

I am still not sure exactly what I am doing, or how to let people know about this blog, but here goes.....

When Simon decided he would like to buy and live on a boat, we did a lot of searching to help. Moorings are as difficult to find as reasonably priced boats, but we found a few.  Our vision (and I think his) was a 50 to 60 ft widebeam barge, somewhere on the Thames. We were therefore taken aback when he came up with a 91ft ex lightship down on the Medway! The photographs took us even further back!

And downstairs - sorry, below deck, was huge and in a bit of a mess ......

We immediately christened it 'The Beast'. At least there was some liveable space - about half the superstructure area was habitable and the previous owner had lived there with his partner while he installed a bed/sitting room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

In spite of the enormous task facing him, Simon decided, after spending one week-end aboard, that waking to almost unbroken tranquility and wonderful sunrises, was so much better than the hustle and noise of London, that he gave up his London flat and moved down permanently.
There was much to do!