Thursday, 26 September 2013



Work is progressing to finish off the bed/sitting room, which eventually will become just a sitting room. As the bedrooms will be below deck, that time is some way off! Having gone through four unreliable workmen, Simon is now recruiting a couple more. Their main task now will be to remove all the loose rust from the ‘walls’ down below. Spraying on insulation would be an easier option than using insulation boards, but more expensive. It would also avoid having to apply some sort of rust-proofing, although after 130 years, will that make a big difference? The problem is that the ship is moored about 400ft from the shore along a narrow causeway and there isn’t a firm that has a spray hose that long!  So he is looking into DIY.

I have had a close look at the photograph of the Belfast Pilot Station vessel and compared its dimensions etc to those of Cormorant/Lady Dixon.
In addition to the shape of the bow and that of the stern being very different, the measurements of bow to superstructure; superstructure; superstructure to stern; and distance between masts is significantly different to Cormorant. This is in addition to the length (measured using the 6ft man) is 15ft shorter than Cormorant.
I therefore surmise that this is not Cormorant, in spite of all the reports claiming it is - plus the opinion of the chap who took the photo!
So more investigation needed and I can see a trip to the Public Records Office in Belfast coming up!

The little kitchen is well on the way to being superceded by a very spacious facility which will take up about half of the 59ft superstructure! It will complete the insulation and skinning of the superstructure. That large window is on the starboard side and is repeated on the port side. The thing that looks like another window further down the wall is in fact insulating panels yet to be skinned.

 And of course the quality of life items are not being neglected, so a new aviary has been acquired for the ship's canary!

Molly the dog is not impressed !
We still have not found a ship's bell .... any offers?