Wednesday, 6 November 2013


CHAPTER 14  -  5 Nov 2013
I wonder if someone out there can help us with one aspect of the project. I have been wondering why the stanchions at the bow are much taller than those elsewhere and what the two massive beams were for at the bow. That rail is a definite afterthought and originally the whole of the bow was covered in and built up to the top of those two pillars, rather like on the Gull:-

Our plan is to reduce the height of those stanchions, to make them about the same as those in the rest of the ship. They will be boarded in, to match the stern – or the stern as it will be when the seating is in place. This will leave about a foot or two of the beams still projecting and we think this lends itself to some sort of figure head(s).

So, if anyone out there knows of a wood sculptor (no chain saws please) who would like to leave his mark (and not too big a bill), please get in touch.