Thursday, 14 November 2013


Having solved the mystery of why, in the 1950s photo, Lady Dixon’s stern looked so different from that on Simon’s ship (the boat platform squared it off),  I turned my attention to other mysteries. In that photo, the companionway at the bow seemed to be positioned against the starboard gunwale and faced across the boat, 

whereas on Simon’s ship it is amidships and faces aft.  (Do you notice how these nautical terms are now tripping off the tongue?) 

Anyway, the recently arrived plans have also solved this one. 

What we see in the 1950s photo is in fact a different structure which is shown on the plans containing a loo for the crew and a storeroom. The companionway is indeed amidships and so looking again at the 1950s photo, all becomes clear (I hope).

Another mystery solved but yet another found. What is that projection at the bow?  Does it point forward or sideways?  An anchor or a boat station? Do please comment.