Friday, 24 January 2014


I have identified a fresh water tank under the deck of the lower deck – or in English, under the floor of the lower level! (Photo) There are/ were 16 of these containing a total of 30 tons of water. Considering that I stuck my hand (holding my camera) through a hole in the deck, this is not a bad photo!

Another structural photo taken on my trip was of the bow hawspipes (that’s better nauticalese) alongside the companionway. (Photo)

There are a lot of  pretty sizeable nuts to be found around the vessel, some are a very pretty colour! (Photo)

Now it is puzzle corner. There are several objects fixed around the superstructure that I can only describe as ‘double horns’. Are they ventilation, lighting, tannoy or what? (Photo).

And there is a 2ft ‘post’ fixed right at the edge of the stern, with a cap on top. Ventilation?

No prizes for the right answers, but it would be nice to know!