Monday, 6 January 2014


A Happy New Year to all our readers!
Things have slowed down somewhat over the Christmas period – not helped by the appalling weather. The ship has travelled a great deal during these few weeks, albeit in a vertical direction. One high tide got within a few inches of the log store on the causeway.

 Getting Molly the dog up onto the elevated gangplank and then down the steep slope onto the causeway, takes quite an effort. The gangplank normally slopes gently upwards from the ship.
Once on the causeway Molly has to be ‘transported’ to dry land because the causeway is made of metal grid – sore on the paws. Still, she is quite used to the journey now!

On the historic front, Simon has unearthed the remains of a short ladder, which we suspect was one of those used by the crew to get to the upper bunks. It is in reasonable condition, apart from missing rungs.

The condensation down below continues to be a problem.

  I fear it will have to remain so until the Spring brings warmer and drier weather. Then the deck can be insulated and finished. The combination of better weather and insulation should allow things to dry out below, then everything down there can be foam sprayed and shuttered, allowing the major structural work to begin.

Meanwhile I have found a wonderfully evocative and appropriate oil painting by Andrew Kennedy which depicts a cutter in full sail passing the South Goodwin Lightship, which must look a lot like Simon’s ship in her prime.