Friday, 13 February 2015


Well the tiles arrived ‘safely’ – they were a day late and the truck was not carrying the fork-lift that Simon had booked and paid for! Anyway, the pallets were duly dumped on the water’s edge, all 2 ½ tons of them  (Photo 831) and the truck driver went away cursing and blinding.

     Simon loaded up his trolley for the first of many trips and soon found that the tiles were too wide for the walk-way (Photo 832).  So it became the first of many, many trips! 

Of course he could not resist breaking off in the midst of all this toil in order to try a few out on the deck. Now back in December, when the roofing felt had just been applied, the deck looked very smart, (Photo 833) but was of course a bit vulnerable to accidental damage. 

These tile proved to be exactly the right size, without trimming, to lie along the side decks and with a power wash will look really good (Photo 834).

  And Simon has started on the bow area (the easy bits) and that looks pretty good too (Photo 835). Wait till he gets to fitting the mats around the hawspipes and the like!