Friday, 27 February 2015


Having laid tiles along the side decks without trimming, Simon decided they would look better and lie better trimmed to size, which they certainly do (Photo 851).

That was hard work but reasonably straightforward. Then he got down to the tricky bits where the mats had to be cut to fit around various fitting and fixtures (Photo 852).

He reported “I am rather enjoying the challenge now. It's like really thick, awkward wallpaper...”,  which of course he should be good at!  He progressed to the Hawspipes I mentioned in the last post (Photo 853).

By this time his industrial-type gloves were looking a bit worse for wear! (Photo 854).

Finally, in order to protect his newly finished decks from the twice-daily back-and-forth of the gangway wheels and to protect the gunwale beneath the gangway (at high tide the gangway actually rocks on the gunwale), Simon had a steel ‘runway’ fabricated and it is now in place (Photo 855).