Saturday, 19 September 2015


Trawling through my (modest) collection of historical documents, I have come across two little nuggets. The first is an application to the Mercantile Marine Department of the Ministry of War Transport, for permission to have the Lady Dixon (ex Cormorant) surveyed for registration and tonnage measurement at Dublin (Photo 1141). 

It is dated 24 May 1943 and shows the vessel to be 98ft 6ins, which is a few feet longer than we thought. The extra may be accounted for by the ‘landing stage’ that was added to the stern (Photo 1142).

   I also found a memorandum to the Secretary of the Irish Lights Office, dated 19th May 1916 showing the “wages and materials expended and issued on behalf of H.M. Authorities during the recent Sinn Fein Riots” (Photo 1143). I have highlighted the Cormorant item.

   In my last post I described the workings of a Norwegian Pattern Portable Foghorn, half hoping that someone would come up with one I could buy for Simon – a not too secret Christmas present perhaps.  Well someone has come up with one, in excellent working order, but at what I thought was too high a price. However, examining the photos closely I came across something which changed my mind (Photo 1144).