Saturday, 26 September 2015


It’s a desert at the moment.  Simon is very busy at work (which is good) and has not had time for any restoration (which is bad).  My contacts in Ireland have gone very quiet and the only bit of information I have received lately is from Chris, who was visiting relatives in Dublin, but lives in New Zealand.

“My great uncle worked on the light ships out of Dun Laoghaire for decades. Out of the crew he knew in DL he's one of only two left now he told me at the weekend. He's convinced it’s because him and the other fella were the only two to ever spend their off-shift time lying out on deck in the sun all day rather than cooped up inside.    He became a doorman at the Killiney Castle after that and still going strong at 89 now”.

    Working backwards in time, the great uncle would have been born in about 1926 and, providing he started his career early, could well have served aboard the old wooden lightships. Chris has returned to NZ but has promised to find out what he can from the old chap about life aboard a lightship. Who knows, he may remember Cormorant before she went to Belfast in 1943.
    Meanwhile I have taken the plunge and bought that foghorn for Simon. With that identification mark it was irresistible.
    Hopefully I will have more to report next week, but meanwhile, for those who expressed interest when I mentioned my old car, have a look at