Sunday, 10 January 2016


Hi David
Thanks for your source information. If it came from where I think it came from then it is second-hand and unreliable. However, if it came from a shipping company in Holland then it is worth knowing about.
I know about John Thompson and his VoS Ltd company and about Arnold Swanon who later went to jail after being accused of swindling (he had no money and was a vacuum cleaner salesman and not an expert in anything - except conmanship, on top of which he was exposed in the British press as a fraud, and in Canada he was convicted of 'Saville-like' crimes and his wife divorced him.)
Thompson had spent time in Canada; Swanson was Canadian by birth, and Swanson had another Canadian advising him on sales, plus a retired senior BBC engineer advising him on the technical side.
However, there was obviously a split-off from Thompson by Swanson, but Thompson retained a lucrative underwriting radio sponsorship, while Swanson seems to have gained control of the Lady Dixon, while Thompson had a mere 70 ton motor boat.
For reasons of making sense out of what Thompson could have been thinking - if he only had that small boat from the beginning, I am interested to learn whether Thompson had the Lady Dixon and lost it to Swanson.
Do you have any paperwork sources that show who the Lady Dixon was first sold to, and when it was sold as the beginning of this offshore radio paper trail?
Hi Mervyn
Hope you don't mind me pulling your comment out of the obsurity of 'comments' so that all can see and perhaps help.
I did think that Thompson bought Lady Dixon at some stage and Swanson ended up with it, but the Dutch information says otherwise. The author was Hans Knot.
I do know that she was bought from the Belfast Harbour Commissioners by G.A.Lee Ltd., because this is recorded in the Commissioners' minutes to which I had access during my visit to Belfast in DEc 2014. An offer of £185 was rejected by the Commissioners on 14 Feb 1961, but a revised offer of £685 was accepted two weeks later.