Saturday, 30 January 2016


I think Simon and I now agree that the air driven nail chisel hammer is not the correct tool for removing all the peeling paint and loose rust down below. At a rough estimate there is about 1700 sq ft to tackle (Photo 1331) and the chisel method is too slow and too exhausting. The photo shows only the rear 25% of the lower deck area!

   So, we are looking at DIY blasting and we have come across a ‘28 Gallon Abrasive Sand Blaster with Built in Vacuum’ (Photo 1332).   

The blurb states that it not only blasts, but it vacuums up the debris and even sorts the crud from the abrasive material.  It sounds good, but I wonder.  If any of my readers have any experience of such machines, or can advise on other perhaps more suitable models, please get in touch.