Sunday, 17 August 2014


This snippet is not about Simon’s ship, but I thought you readers would be interested (and saddened?) to learn of the fate of such vessels when they are neglected.  Down in S Wales on the River Neath (or should I say in the River Neath?)  LV32 is a sad sight, with high tides washing over her decks, below decks full of silt and rust eating away at her..

Nearer to home, a lovely old vessel – the good ship Ena – on the same causeway as Simon’s ship, has for a long time been struggling to stay afloat, with bilge pumps going almost full time.  Now the battle is lost as the pumps are no longer coping/working and there seems to be nobody interested enough to do anything.

 Presumably the owner is paying the mooring fees, a cheaper alternative perhaps than doing something about it, but not a good advertisement for a Marina!