Tuesday, 26 August 2014


We have just returned from a long weekend with Simon on …… we had better settle on the name of this vessel. Originally Cormorant; then Lady Dixon; later Lady December; and now registered with National Historic Ships UK (and the Post Office) as The Lightship. The family name of The Beast becomes less appropriate as Simon’s work starts to bear fruit.
   He certainly looks the part these days, with a ‘full set’ and nautical cap.

  Behind him is the almost finished kitchen, which is looking really good. (Photo)

    He now has a kitchen table, right foreground and between it and the spiral staircase are two log-burners and the 70s kitchen stove, (Photos) all to be installed in the next few weeks – the stove roughly where it is near the table, a modern log-burner in the sitting room to replace the decrepit one he inherited and the ‘barrel’ below deck to start drying out that area ready for the huge amount of work which is going to be necessary. 

    Also in that ‘temporary’ storage area is a desk for the study and a sideboard for the dining room. I say temporary because both locations are below deck and the huge amount of work needed down there will take months! Buying such items next year would have been sensible, but he cannot resist a bargain! All this is of course a natural dumping ground for tools and  miscellaneous items which have no home at the moment!
The spiral staircase is now trimmed and looking very smart. It just needs one piece of balustrade on the right behind the cactus when the desk etc departs below. (Photo)

    Meanwhile nature is trying its best to introduce a little colour on the stern. (Photo)