Thursday, 7 August 2014


As my historical research is in the doldrums, I keep busy with yet another restoration process (look out, thread wander coming!). My little Austin 7 won a prize at a local car show over the weekend – for the best personal restoration! (Photo). Why does it come up sideways?

 I prefer to drive my cars rather than park and exhibit, but a friend was organising it and I wanted to support him. It was an Morris Minor affair, but I was happy to add a little tone! Sorry, I have to include before and after pics (Photos).

    Meanwhile, back to the thread. Simon is putting the finishing touches to the spiral staircase, trimming the hole in the deck and installing the first of the safety railings (Photo).  He has also finished the floor tiling and has been able to install the kick panels under the units. Looking smarter each time!