Thursday, 13 November 2014


Just a short report on an historical discovery. During all the reports about the two and three mast photos, I did wonder where the foremast had been. On the foredeck, just in front of the companionway, was a wooden octagon with an 8-inch hole. 

 Too small for a mast and it fitted the 1943 blueprint position of an 8-inch dead-light, although the actual glass is missing. However, removal of the wood pieces revealed a rather larger hole 

  and an examination of the underside of the deck in this area showed a substantial structure, far too strong to support a small glass dead-light, but well able to take a mast. 

So my guess is that the mast hole was covered when the foremast was removed c1900 and the hole was opened up and used in 1943 to install a large dead-light.