Sunday, 16 November 2014


   What a difference a year makes – well a year and a half actually. The rear deck was then just tatty boards resting on the deck beams and not waterproof. 

Simon used a large tarpaulin for many months, but although this helped to keep out most of the rain, down below was still cold and damp, with heavy condensation dripping everywhere.

     Now, although by no means finished, it is weatherproof and well insulated. Large areas of dry ceiling are appearing below. The rubber tiles have yet to be laid to protect the roofing material.

     The story is the same along the starboard side, where the deck was in a bit of a mess and covered with odds and sods. The appearance was not improved by the rusty state of the superstructure.   

The deck is now weatherproof, insulated and clear of rubbish!  

   Meanwhile, David Ryan has unearthed one more photograph.  This one shows Cormorant on station at Lucifer Shoals (East of Rosslare Harbour). It must have been taken around 1900 before her foremast was removed and certainly before 1908 by which time her main mast had been changed to a fixed lantern.