Saturday, 29 November 2014


After a pause to earn a living and to find a source of reasonably priced plywood and timber, the decking work is approaching the finish. Those nostrils (haws pipes), which were impressive but a bit of a mess (Photo 1), 

are now blended in to the new decking (Photo 2).

The final stretch of decking is timbered (Photo 3) and early next week, weather permitting, will be insulated, covered and sealed. 

We are still looking for a source of rubber tiles to go over the roofing felt and protect it. They will need to be interlocking, hard wearing and have some type of drainage channels on the bottom surface to allow rain to run over the roofing felt to the scuppers (Photo 4).

One small historical note – Simon sawed a piece off the end of the old mizzen mast (now hanging between the ship and the jetty) so that it would clear an upright. Looking at the newly exposed cross-section (Photo 5) reveals how well the timber (pitch pine) has survived the last 130 years – the last 15 or so being dunked in the sea on every tide!