Saturday, 22 November 2014


Wasn’t it British Rail who used to say “We are getting there”. Well the lightship is making progress, but a combination of poor weather and ‘the day job’ does slow things down a bit. Poor old Simon seems to spend a great deal of time shifting building materials, bikes, plants and all sorts of ‘useful’ brick-a-brac around the deck – clearing each area in turn so that it can be worked on.  The bow used to look very rough (Photo 1);

 then it was cleared and painted (Photo 2); 

my few days down there saw the framework built on the starboard side (Photo 3); 

and just the last week the weather-proofing went down (Photo 4) 

and now there is just the roofing felt and rubber tiles to be put down.
Meanwhile, on the historical research side, I am off down to London in a couple of weeks to trawl through the Trinity House records held at the London Metropolitan Archives.  In January I am going to Dublin to follow up on the excellent work done by David Ryan. Hopefully the New Year will see some more interesting blasts from the past!